Ways I’m available to help
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Ways I’m available to help

Ways I’m available to help
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I’ve been very lucky to have a relatively successful career as a software engineer, and throughout the years I've had the chance to meet and learn from the best people in their field of expertise, which allowed me to have a humble knowledge of how things work and how teams, products, and startups are made from the ground up, and I feel like I’m in a position where I can use my accumulated knowledge, network, and experience to help others, and this is a list of ways I think I can help.

There might be a few things I’m willing to do that aren’t listed but are similar. But if you ask me for something that’s not listed below, the odds I’ll be able to do it are pretty low. However, do feel free to ask anyway.

Finally: if you’re willing to pay me, the list of ways I can help is substantially longer. I’m available for consulting engagements through obytes.com or my personal email  abdenasser.elidrissi@gmail.com.

Ways I’m available to help anyone

I’m available to anyone who emails me at (abdenasser.elidrissi@gmail.com) about any of these things:

  1. Answer concise questions via email about topics I know about. If you write me an email with a short, clear question, and I know the answer, I’ll try to answer in a fairly quick time frame.
  2. Help you find some job opportunities. Specifically, if you tell me what you’re looking for and a bit about your strengths, I can share your info through my networks.
  3. Give advice about your next startup idea. if it is some kind of a service or a tool you want to make, I can advise in many ways and point you in the right direction and provide contacts who would help with both execution and marketing.
  4. Monetize your product if it is related to topics I write about. it might be a digital product or a subscription, a course, a book, or even a real product, we can have a small talk then decide on the cost if I feel like my website would be a good place for it.
  5. Provide you with a paid IT service. if it is for a long-term project I can speak to the appropriate people in the company I'm working at and they will give you more details and if it is a short-term gig I can play the middle man role between you and some highly-skilled engineers in my network.

    Until then, give the quote below 5 minutes to think about, see you!
“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin

Writer and former dotcom businessman, Godin is saying that talk is cheap, but in a nicer way. Yes, ideas are a dime a dozen, but the real meat on those bones come from trying to realize them. It is only then that the problems show up and the real work of resolving them starts.

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